The only real way to get work done

I have been able to do some pretty amazing things by learning the Linux desktop. I have grown with the Linux desktop over the past 13 years trying many flavors. Feeling the pain when your favorite distro decided to hang it up but the joy and excitement seeing it being forked by the open source community where the publics need for the Os or software to exist.


Utilizing preferred tools available in the open source community has never been easier

Examples of some great open source softwares are:

Web browsing- FireFox, Chromium

Photography- GIMP

3D modeling- FreeCAD, OpensCAD, Blender, Slic3r

Computer repair- Linux utilities

Electronics- IDE

Video editing- Openshot

Media player- VLC, MPlayer

Web Design- Bluefish, Geany

Office Suite- LibreOffice

Virtulization- VirtualBox

and many more.

I've taught people ages seven to seventy to use a Linux desktop.


Linux and Open Source computing is
Free as in Freedom, not just Cost.

It's never too late to have privacy and the customization you want in your Internet of Things.